11 September 2012

Standing & Praying for Fellow Missionary

It recently came to my attention that a fellow missionary Melinda Henderson has been confronted with another possible attack of cancer. Melinda and Larry Henderson pastor a large church in Vienna, Austria. They and their children have been Assembly of God missionaries for years. 

Here is what a mutual friend recently wrote:

Melinda has battled cancer in the past and we've seen the Lord miraculously intervene in her life. During a recent checkup Melinda was told by her doctor that he has seen three new tumors which he believes are cancerous. The one in her liver is believed to have metastasized from the colon cancer she had two years ago. Melinda is scheduled to undergo two biopsies of the areas on September 12th.
Melinda recently wrote: "I don´t know the reason to walk through this again but I know WHO has the answer and I am confident of His great plan! We will not accept this first diagnosis until God says it is settled. We will take this step by step and follow the necessary procedures but our prayer is that the tumors be dissolved before I go in on the 12th or that they are confirmed to be benign."
Melinda clearly knows the power of God in her life and her previous healing. Stand with me as I stand with them knowing who our Healer is in our lives. 
Lawrence Blakeslee
Missionary to Europe.  

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