14 December 2010

Faithful Men Ministries' Retreat & Comissioning / Switzerland

Last week I attended a Faithful Men Ministries' Retreat and Commissioning in Switzerland. The retreat was held in the Alps at Pizol, Switzerland. The commissioning was held at Pastor Desmond Frey's, Power House Church in Zurich. Over 50 men attended the retreat which was held in just one more beautiful part of Switzerland. The retreat location was half way up the mountain overlooking the Rhein River and the tiny country of Liechtenstein.

Men came from all over the globe to attend the meeting. Countries represented were Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Romania, Moldova, Finland, South Africa and from Latin America, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru. We had men from Jacksonville and Miami, Florida. We were also blessed by a group of Scottish men who came and honored us by wearing their clan kilts during the commissioning ceremony.

The weekend was great. Hearing the various messages brought by men of God from literally all over the world was incredible. The overall theme centered around a real push for men to step-up to become spiritual fathers and sons. Men of all generations need to connect to be able to strengthen our families, our countries and to build the Kingdom of God here on earth.

(About the location or the placement of the pics. Sorry, I just don't have much control over it here with Blogspot. It works okay when you have a lot of text to mix with the pics but if not, it's just a limitation of the program.)

A special thanks to the ladies from Power House Church that prepared all the food for the three days we were up on the mountain. Hauling all that food and stuff up by cable cars, plus our own luggage was quite an adventure. 

Rev. Lawrence Blakeslee
Missionary to Europe and Asia

Additional Info:
Desmond Frey / Power House Church
Jack King / Faithful Men Ministry / America
Clinton Etheridge / Faithful Men Ministry / South Africa
Pizol, Switzerland