11 October 2011

Meeting in Malmo

Last month, I ministered at International Christian Fellowship Church in Malmo, Sweden. The City of Malmo is located just 10 miles or 14 km from Copenhagen, Denmark. While in Malmo, At the same time, I was invited to do a couple of radio shows on a Christian radio station in Malmo. This FM station broadcasts programs in English is also heard  in Copenhagen and streamed on the Internet.

It was a quick, busy and powerful weekend. It started at 3:00a.m Saturday morning with an hour plus drive from home to Dusseldorf airport. In the European Union no flights depart before 06:30a.m.. As I entered the airport terminal it was a real surprise to see literally a thousand people standing in two lines approaching the first security checkpoint. The line moved along okay as they checked tickets before the detailed screening. It's only a little over an hour flight to Copenhagen. Upon arrival it was down to the train platform for the short ride to Malmo. One of the best things about traveling in Europe is the combined inter-connected transportation modes at every airport.

Producer Mats Jonsson (L)and Larry Blakeslee (R)
My friend Mats Jonsson picked me up and drove me to the hotel to check-in and then off to the radio station to record the programs. Being at Europorten FM 89.2 radio station brought back old memories when I worked in broadcasting years ago in Arizona. I met Producer Juliene Munts who was going to interview me for the first show. The interview show was a mix of talk and music. We discussed how parents can leave a legacy for their children if they will train their children on how to have a relationship with God.

After the first show, Juliene and Mats, who is also producer asked me to do an unplanned third show. The second and third shows were just me sharing more about a legacy and my heart about the potential God has placed in our children. We arrived at the radio station at 11:00a.m. and left at 4:00p.m.. It was a long day for me since it started at 3:00a.m.. I needed a nap and needed to get some quiet time to prepare for the day's Sunday service.

International Christian Fellowship Church, Malmo, Sweden
Sunday was another great day. The English and Filipino churches decided to have a combined service. The Filipino's did worship and I spoke. For a couple of years now, God has kept my messages focused on parents being proactively engaged in the spiritual training of their children. When I am doing a men's meeting it really becomes focused on a dad's responsibilities to be the spiritual head of the house. I covered both of these topics in this service and prayed for the sick at the end.

After church, Mats and his family and then Juliene and her family hung out with me until it was time to reverse the travel process and then fly back to Dusseldorf. I finally got back home at 12:30a.m. Monday morning. It was long and productive weekend.

As busy as it was for me, I really enjoyed all of it. The people at International Christian Fellowship Church were incredible. I am always thankful when the Holy Spirit shows up either at a church service or at a radio station. My hope is some children's lives will be changed because their parents recognizing the need to step up in this area of their children's lives.

It's great to see good parents taking care of the natural needs of their children but also important to provide "spiritual nutrition" also.

Rev. Lawrence Blakeslee
Missionary to Europe and Asia

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International Christian Fellowship Church  
Europorten Radio FM 89.2