26 August 2007

Greetings From Holland

Greetings from Utrecht, The Netherlands.
It is always such a blessing to be in Holland. I love these people and this country.

The Pastor's Meeting
Praise The Lord, yesterdays pastor's luncheon and meeting went very well. I met a number of new people and pastors and renewed some past friendships. The response to my presentation on the Kid's Prayer program was very well received. Now it is time to follow-up with the churches that expressed and interest in the program. I'll do a little of that while I am still in Holland and when I get back to Germany late Wednesday night. Thanks for your prayers, they are always appreciated.

When I get home I'll post some pics from the meeting and give you a few more details.

This morning I am visiting an International church Hilversum. They do the entire service in English. This will be my first time at this church, so I'm looking forward seeing how they do church.

Got to go for now and finish getting ready before my friends Bernard and Claudia pick me up.

God Bless you and thank you for checking in on my blog. The numbers are growing and 99% of my friends don't know about the blog yet as I "test drive" it a bit to get the bugs worked out. Guess it's our little secret but hopefully not for long.

Jesus loves you and so do I.

22 August 2007

Good Morning
This Saturday, August 24, I will be attending a small luncheon conference of Dutch pastors in Utrecht, The Netherlands. During that time I will be able to present the Kid's Prayer program and be available to set future appointments to preach and teach it in their local churches.

For me the Dutch have always been a favorite group of people to be with. I am looking forward to this opportunity. Please pray and be in agreement with me that new doors will be opened to me to present this important message. I will keep you posted on how it goes when I return in a few days.

Our Heavenly Father's Blessings to you.

17 August 2007

Something New to Learn: Blogging

Just when you don't want to learn one more piece of software or "techie" thing along comes a new communications tool that you realize you must learn. For me it is now learning the world of "Blogosphere", if that is a word.

This adventure began by reading the blog of some very close friends of mine who are soon heading off as new missionaries to serve in South Asia. Before this I had never considered doing a blog even though I knew about them.

After studying their blog and the blogs of some other friends, I have decided to take the plunge. Even though it provides some real communication advantages for me, it is just one more thing to learn to do correctly.

You can check out my friend's blog here by clicking on the link at the right titled: "Crucified With Christ".

Silly Victories
Today, I found out about how to put a weather bug and a counter on this blog. I have to admit it is really very cool! Now my you can see what the real-time weather is in my area of Germany. Technology don't ya just love it.

This is about it for now. I'm going to try to keep them short, sweet and up to date. If you really know me, you know "short" is always an issue when I write.

God bless you. Jesus loves you a lot more than you can even believe.

In His Service,