14 December 2012

Emma Update

The "Reward"
A quick update on Emma. The surgery went incredibly well. It lasted around two hours, much less time than expected.

She's doing great. The family is doing great. Now the recuperation period begins.

Prayer does work. Thanks everyone for keeping this incredible young lady in your prayers. Don't stop now. We're believing for an equally fast recovery. 

Rev. Lawrence Blakeslee
Missionary to Europe

11 December 2012

Prayers for Emma

A close family friend of mine that needs of your prayers this Thursday, 13 December.

Emma is a 14 year old teenager that is having major spinal cord untethering surgery for spina bifada. If you knew Emma's history, you would see that she is a living example of God's miracle power and love. This will be the third time in her short lifetime that she has needed to have this surgery.

Her mother Michelle describes the surgical procedure best.
"When she was born her spinal cord was sticking up out of her back and they went in and tethered it down, or sewed it is... so now it is in scar tissue. So they have to release the spinal cord that is in the scar tissue. It is a long process that goes millimeter by millimeter... so they test the nerves before the cut and release them."

Michelle goes on to say, "Please specifically pray that she will gain function. The doctor said there is a 30% risk of loss of function and there is a 30% chance of gain in function. We are believing for the 30% gain. God is in total control. We have peace. Knowing that it is all OK."

After 4 or 5 days of recovery in the hospital, there is an extensive 5 to 7 day recovery period at  home. The family could use your prayers for the friends and family that will help provide after-care for Emma. This family also provides care to a number of foster children that are in residence at their house. 

Pray that the surgery goes without problems, the doctors and the operating room staff have the mind of Christ as they perform this very lengthy and delicate surgery. Also pray for the close friends and family that will be providing care and support for Emma's during her home recovery period.

Emma's family and I thank you for your prayers.

Rev. Lawrence Blakeslee
Missionary to Europe