02 August 2012

Short & Sweet Update

 I won't begin to make excuses for how long it's been since I've blogged. There are plenty of them and all very "legitimate". Rather, I've been feeling guilty about having a "season" where this blog has not been a top priority.

Last weekend I was with some new Finnish missionaries sharing my thoughts about what it takes to be a full-time missionary. The topic of communications came up. How and when do we send out newsletter, blog, Tweet, etc. As I spoke to them, I felt "guilt or conviction" about my own lack of communication. So it's time to "recommit" and get consistent with updating you on all that is going on and has been going on in my life and ministry. There really is plenty to tell. Since we're all busy, I'm going to try to do this in bullet points.

The Update

  • End of 2011: Happy to see 2011 go away. It was the clearly toughest year I've had in ministry. Everyone in the U.S. is having a tough time and it understandably reflected on their giving to overseas missionaries. (Including me.)
  • Start of 2012: Off to a little rocky start but God did some incredible financial miracles. 
  • January - March: God confirmed and re-confirmed my idea to network children's workers in Europe. He would NOT let me walk away from this idea. More info and details to come on that topic.
  • April: Great God directed connections to people that could help build the network.
  • May: Finally after not being able to return to the U.S. for two years, I get back. No attempt to minister anywhere in the U.S. I needed the time personally. In Phoenix, nearly every hour was dedicated to getting personal tasks done. Work on my rental house, major dental work, new glasses and I passed my next level up test of Amateur Radio License.
  • June: Off to the East Coast to visit my two sons and three grand kids. One in North Carolina and the other in Florida. Again, no ministry time, just much needed family time. Two years is too long for me not to see and hug them. We had soooo much fun together. They needed their dad and grandpa. I needed them to remember what's important in life. 
  • July: Back to Bonn. Refreshed, good attitude adjustment and ready to jump on the kids network project with maximum energy. 
  • August: Recommitted to blogging and communicating more. Team building for the kids ministry network. Prep time for promotional media for the kids network and two conferences in October. Still writing a series of articles for the Finnish Christian Mens magazine called Tosimes.  
Proud dad Shawn and new 7th grader Antonella

William, Hailey & Bradley

Blessings from Bonn,
Rev. Lawrence Blakeslee
Missionary to Europe

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