09 May 2012

In The States

In Phoenix
I arrived back in the States last Monday evening after being gone two years. (At least one year too long.) Currently I'm in Phoenix getting some things done on my house here and major dental work. I'll be here for about a month before heading to the East Coast to see my sons and grand kids. Really looking forward to that time with them. We're all excited to be reconnecting after a two year absence. We're blessed with the technology, like Skype, webcam and emails but still... it doesn't take the place of face to face contact, read hugs here.

A couple of previous posts ago, I briefly mentioned that I was going to give you some incredible news about First Step Ministries, next step. I am working on it but there is so much to share I want to get it all correct. I can give you a hint that it continues with ministering to children in Europe in a much bigger and more dynamic way. (Is that enough of a tease?)

In a couple of hours I'm heading to the dentist for some major work. Never looked forward to going to the dentist but there is a time, now, which I am looking forward to taking care of some much needed work. 

Tomorrow and for the next few days I'll be working on my house. The first couple of weeks clearly are going to be very busy with practical stuff. The "blanks" in my schedule are filled with meeting old and making new friends both in and out of the ministry.

Blessings from Phoenix,
Rev. Lawrence Blakeslee
Missionary to Europe

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